Children Coordinator – Part Time Position


Ministry Position – Children Coordinator


Job Description

Elder in charge of Children’s ministry
The childrens ministry director is responsible to oversee the entire childrens ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe and effective program. The director will recruit and train leaders who will touch childrens lives with Gods love, teach them Gods Word and provide fellowship with Gods people—laying a foundation that will keep children (newborn through 6th grade) interested in the things of God and involved in church.

The childrens ministry director is accountable to the elder responsible with education.

The Childrens ministry director should be a mature Christian, with good leadership, organizational and communication skills, able to motivate people.
Participate in training opportunities as offered.
Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the childrens ministry: schedule the teachers and the volunteers.
Organize training and planning sessions for childrens teachers and volunteers.
Screen childrens workers and leaders before recommending them to CP for placing them in ministry.
In collaboration with CP, approves and continually evaluates all childrens ministries programs, curricula, activities and disbursement of funds for supplies and projects, keeping within budgeted amount.
Be available to counsel and pray with children regarding spiritual matters.
Pray for the children and childrens ministry workers.
Work with appropriate church staff or volunteers to plan and implement special days childrens program in church.
Plan special seasonal and monthly activities for children, fellowship and fun activities at church and away from church
Follow up with parents when kids miss the Sunday school classes.
Organize an early VBS and plan a Summer camp experience for the New Life Kids
This is a part time position.
Early evaluation will be based on the Coordinator’s effectiveness in carrying responsibilities.  The evaluating team will consist of elders and parents.