May 2014

Cristi Ianculovici – Steps in maturity

Vali Simion – The Christian worldview

Dorin Popa – I surrender all

April 2014

George Braica – Growing faith (Tithing)

Vali Simion – Palm Sunday

Chris Hostiuc – Time management

Mircea Moț – Toward a Christian philosophy of life (2)

March 2014

Ady Stan – iGod

We have a million of choices, we have everything at the tip of our fingers. Every marketing slogan we see, screams that we are #1, and nothing else matter; We have to agree that we are a consumer driven culture. This makes us think and ask the question; Is life really all about “What’s in […]

Mircea Moț – Toward a Christian philosophy of life

Brian Munteanu – Being loyal to yourself and God

Dorin Popa – Be extraordinary

Apocalypse 3:15-16 You are in God’s team so play every game like it’s your last.

Marcus Munteanu – Prayer

Mircea Moț – Living the life as God intended

Jeremy Magdici – Testimony

February 2014

George Braica – Growing Faith: Principles of Service Ministry

Genesis 14:1-21