August 2017

Vali Simion – Youth Message


Mircea Mot – Jesus and the religious crowd


July 2017

Mircea Mot – Building an altar


Dorin Popa – Spiritual restauration


Dorin Popa – In love with Jesus Christ


Valentin Simion – Christ, the source of eternal salvation


Mircea Mot – Disciples as light of the world


Mircea Mot – A salty, salting disciple


June 2017

Samuel Crisan – Youth message


Valentin Simion – About marriage


Mircea Mot – Obey your parents


Dorin Popa – God’s mission


Ionut Popescu – Obey your parents


May 2017

Dorin Popa – Kindness in action


Eliel Chirla – A prayer for our kids